Plantation Sermons, by the Rev. A. F. Dickson

Plantation Sermons, by the Rev. A. F. Dickson
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Why reprint a book like Plantation Sermons? First, this book is a first-hand witness to the reality of slave-master relations in the Old South that corrects the revisionist view of history. Second, it documents the fact that the divinely-revealed truth of the gospel does not change regardless of changes in time and history. Third, these sermons are so compassionate, so well-composed, so clear and direct in their proclamation of the gospel that they are worthy of being read out loud in families and among friends. Fourth, while this book is not to be used as a model for modern evangelism to African-Americans, the gospel presented is the only gospel that saves sinners regardless of their social, racial and economic condition. (copied from the New Preface written by Pastor Joe Morecraft III.

Originally published by Presbyterian Board of Publication, Philadelphia, 1856.

Light mauve hardcover with burgundy lettering and pictorial on front cover, burgundy lettering on spine. 170 pages.

ISBN-13: 978-1-59442-174-7