14th Great Revival in the Southern Armies Conference 2008, 17-CD set


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Speakers and Messages:

Alister Anderson: "Life of Jefferson Davis: After the War until His Death"

Dr. Charles Baker: "Robert E. Lee: Man of Character, Humility and Consistency"

Dr. Cecil Fayard: "The Spiritual Life of Jefferson Davis"

Dr. Michael Hill: "The Demonization of the South, from 1830 to Present"

Dr. Michael Hill: "Palming Harvard Off on the South"

Ray McBerry: "Benning: Advocate of States' Rights"

Ray McBerry: "Jackson, Guardian of Southern Liberty"

Dr. Gary Roper: "Antebellum Slavery, An Orthodox Christian View"

Dr. Ron Rumburg: "Life of Jefferson Davis: Birth to Becoming President of the CSA"

Dr. Ron Rumburg: "Life of Jefferson Davis, During the Four Years of the War"

Pastor Lloyd Sprinkle: "1863 Revival Sermon"

Kenneth Studdard: "Alexander Stephens, His Prison Experiences"

Kenneth Studdard: "Life of Stephen Elliott, Episcopal Bishop of Georgia"

Pastor John Weaver: "The Truth About Andersonville Prison"

Pastor John Weaver: "Manson Jolly, the South Carolina Avenger"

Pastor John Weaver: "Was Secession Treasonous?"

Ron Wilson: "What Happened to America"